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BreakerCulture formed out of a simple problem. We wanted to create a safer and better connected environment of group breaking and product insight. We have seen the evolution of group breaking the last few years, but we haven’t seen increased transparency. This problem is what prompted us to respond with this website.

We are two normal dudes from the Midwest who used our spare time the last 4 months to provide this platform for us hobbyists. We had zero organizational incentive or 3rd party influence other than our own desire to approach this gap in the hobby.

We all need to be protected and better informed. Here at BreakerCulture we want to enable you to:

Improve your Group Break experiences:

  1. Identify the type of breaker you want to work with. Sort by your criteria.
  2. Understand how the breaker is viewed from the experiences of other breaking customers.
  3. Quickly look into the status of other breakers…and what is available for purchase.
  4. Read stories & interviews about your favorite breakers.

Increase your understanding of products:

  1. Review and gather quick insight about the overwhelming product landscape.
  2. Identify which products suite your style…and provide you better enjoyment.
  3. Determine which products provide the best value.
  4. Quickly sort pricing and options available for a specific product.

This content is for you – the customer, breaker, and hobbyist. The more feedback you can give about your experience, the more everyone else is informed.

We look forward to making your breaking experience better and your product decisions more informed. Thank you.

BreakerCulture Team


Disclaimer All breaker logo’s, trademarks, names, “images”, and break listings are property of the breaker. These are NOT exclusive property of BreakerCulture.com

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