The Advertising Details

How we use Advertising to advance BreakerCulture

Why do we allow advertising?

The reality of running a website is that it cost money. As the website grows in size and complexity, it requires more of an investment. We believe in the value of BreakerCulture and want to put ourselves in the best position to succeed. Because of our growth and our commitment to success, we have opened up a few spots for advertisers. We try to be careful about the content that is marketed because we want to protect the message of our site – the voice of the collector CAN BE HEARD.

In addition, we are committed to not cluttering the site with a confusing array of advertisements. We have a few spots available across different pages. They will be presented in a simple/focused manner without leaving you dizzy and upset.

Is there a conflict of interest?

Before we sign any advertising contract we are very clear with our clients. We WILL NOT allow advertising relationships to impact the sanctity of our site. In other words, we will NOT allow breakers to buy advertising with BreakerCulture as an attempt to influence the way their reviews/data is portrayed/filtered. Most breakers don’t approach the advertising opportunity with that in-mind, but it’s something we take very serious. You can be assured that, while we appreciate (and value) our partnerships with organizations (breakers included), we won’t prioritize those relationships over the transparent and clear voice of the customer. Your reviews are unaltered. That will always be the case.

How do we manage our relationships?

We provide advertising spots on a few key areas of our site. We allow organizations to advertise there as a way to promote their services to you. We try to advise our customers on where their content is best suited. We also look for ways to use their platform as a way to best market BreakerCulture. Our relationships are focused on helping drive the right interactions / value for the collector.

How can my organization advertise with BreakerCulture?

Thank you for asking. Please send an email to for pricing and options.



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