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2016 Football Products Master Team Checklist

As you’ve (hopefully) noticed, we are working hard to find new ways to help the breakers + breakees (customers). A few months ago we got the idea to put together a master resource for folks to reference for their team. The idea here was to keep a “live” document for all current products.. so you could qu...[Read More]

2016-17 Basketball Products Master Team Checklist

As you’ve (hopefully) noticed, we are working hard to find new ways to help the breakers + breakees (customers). A few months ago we got the idea to put together a master resource for folks to reference for their team. The idea here was to keep a “live” document for all current products.. so you could qu...[Read More]

2016/17 Upper Deck Hockey Products | Changes For The Better

  To begin, I would like to thank the BreakerCulture team for the opportunity to voice my opinions on the sports card industry, I promise to do my absolute best and give all the insight I can. This is a hobby that I am extremely passionate about.! The first topic that I would like to discuss is the job Upper Deck has...[Read More]

2017 Bowman Platinum – The Elusive Retail Exclusive – Box Break + ROI (FINAL UPDATE)

Most of you know that I’m not much of a box breaker. Those days have come and gone and I found solace in buying singles + packs for my kids. But…the hype of the 2017 Baseball season has sucked me in and I decided to demonstrate a collector’s experience with 2017 Bowman Platinum. First off, this product i...[Read More]

2017 Topps Chrome Baseball || $1,000 Retail Exclusive ROI Experiment || Judge & Bellinger Are Welcome

Here we are again,  another exciting Topps Baseball product. Lots of exclusive retail content. Plenty of Wal-Marts in our area. Let’s play ball! We were able to track down just over $1,000 in 2017 Topps Chrome Baseball Retail Boxes/Packs. Our job is to help you understand the reality of retail purchases — both...[Read More]

5 Pet Peeves of Group Breakers. *Part 1*

Today we kick-off a fun collection of articles written by our users! Consider these an even more in-depth look at what customers are thinking about re: Group Breaking. The first topic is very fitting – Group Breaker Pet Peeves – but is also a great set-up for Part 2, which Shani is already working on. Shani Pe...[Read More]


Long-time veterans of group case breaks already have their reasons for enjoying one group break channel over another. But those of you who are fairly new to group breaks may be wondering … How can I get the most out of my group break experience? How can I enjoy the hobby and this group break experience even more?

Be a Group Breaker | Step #4 – Your Technology

Step #4  – Technology: From website to camera. I know, I know. You are ready to start opening packs/boxes/cases of cards, I get it. But you have a lot of work to do…and most of your success is going to be come from you ability to execute Steps 4-6. It’s not good enough to just meet the current standard, ...[Read More]

BE A GROUP BREAKER? Step #1 – Breaker Beware! Read before you enter.

YOU WANT TO BE A GROUP BREAKER? Step #1 – Breaker Beware! Read before you enter. Since you are reading this… you realize the card collector (sports & non-sports) hobby has seen a massive shift over the last 5 years. The way we buy and collect is being driven by greater emphasis on digital platforms and soc...[Read More]

BE A GROUP BREAKER? Step #2: Get your mind right.

Step #2 – Get your mind right. So you’ve decided to take the plunge into the Group Breaker world. The next few days will be focused on helping you approach, prepare, and deliver a group breaking experience. In addition, we will cover some of the fundamental elements of starting a business. These are can be car...[Read More]

BE A GROUP BREAKER? Step #3: Set up your Business

Step #3 – Setting up your business. If you are going to market your product, collect money from customers, and deliver a product… you need to legitimatize your business. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t expect to run this “under the table” and set yourself up for success. If you are seri...[Read More]

Breaker Interview | Boom City Breaks | Memorabilia Breakers leading the way…

Boom City Breaks just recently (within last 6 months) entered the breaking market. In a marketplace flooded with new breakers (almost monthly), Boom City has focused on a niche around Memorabilia. They are a great example for new breakers/businesses trying to find a way into a market. You’ve got to focus on what you...[Read More]

Breaker Interview | Brikis Breaks —>Poker Table to Breaker Table

We’d be kidding ourselves if said we weren’t intrigued by unique backgrounds. In fact, when I join new breakers, one of the first things I look at is the company/breaker background. I want to spend my time with someone who unique experiences. Josh from Brikis Breaks offers exactly what we are looking for…...[Read More]

Breaker Interview | Sports Box Breaks | More than just a SWEET website.

During my first Awards post – for top website – I mentioned the amount of talent we have in our hobby. Thankfully with the emergence of our website we’ve been able to meet some of the most talented people in our hobby. Today I’m sharing an interview I had with the Sports Box Breaks team – Kev...[Read More]

BREAKER INTERVIEW: Keep It Real Breaks – Facebook Break Leader

Over the past month I’ve had the opportunity to participate/watch/chat with the guys at Keep It Real Breaks (Read Reviews Here). They could very well be the largest (by volume) breaker you’ve never heard of…and they are okay with that. I’ve been so impressed with how down-to-earth and humble these ...[Read More]

Breaker Interview: Top Shelf Breaks (Chris) | From DJ to Breaker.

For those that know Chris and Top Shelf Breaks (Breaker Page is HERE), will recognize his unique nightly performance. Chris has a background that lends itself well to his current role as Owner and Lead Breaker for TSB. He spent 15 years in the music industry as; a DJ, Promoter, and Producer. No wonder his breaks are fille...[Read More]

BREAKER ROI BATTLE | May 30th Update | 50% to -7%

It’s funny how certain events open your eyes to different perspectives.  This specific challenge – after only a week – has given me some interesting ideas to the way we approach group breaks. I’m excited to dig deeper into some discoveries…and also share lots of new thoughts with you over the...[Read More]

BREAKER ROI UPDATE | June 24th | -65% to +10%

Okay, I’ll admit… this task of turning a POSITIVE ROI has been a huge challenge for me (Ty). I’ve tried to squeeze “random” breaks into my schedule and have sacrificed good deals. The results have been less than stellar…if not totally disappointing. But… there is some silver linin...[Read More]

California Sunshine! | Top Cody Bellinger Cards to Collect | BreakerCulture

Going into this season, Cody Bellinger was the top prospect in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, but he was not expected to make much of an impact this year, and a September call up would have been the best-case scenario. However, on April 25th, with outfielder Joc Pederson on the disabled list and first baseman Adria...[Read More]

Do you have a GREAT Personal Collection? Here are the essentials.

  Everyone that collects sports cards has a personal collection. Personal collections can vary from a certain player, a certain subset, a certain team or a certain type of card. Throughout my sports card journey I have stored autograph subsets, players, teams and autograph patch cards into my personal collection, but...[Read More]

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Absolutely worst breaker

This guy is disgusting plain and simple, spits on cards , th...[Read More]



Still owes me cards



i think they’re a fraud

if you look at video: 2016 17 Panini Flawless NBA PYT #46 HU...[Read More]



They inspire a loyal following. Your basically breaking with friends.

I’ve participated in several charity breaks that Chris...[Read More]



Best break crew out there

Great group of guys super fun super easy no hassle ever love...[Read More]

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