Group Breaker FAQ

Rules and Explanations from the Field.

Most Important Questions

What are Group Breaks? (by Top Shelf Breaks & Clouts'n'Chara)

“A group of people share boxes of cards by dividing up the product by team.Gone are the days where you can run to your local card store and pick up a $2 pack of cards.  Boxes of cards today range between $75 and $700, so group breaking allows the participants a shot at high end products with a low investment.”

Many people who personally collect a team are able to get players from their favorite team without having to deal with cards from their rivals.  People who collect a specific player are able to target rookie years and build up their personal collection.  Lastly, people can make money in the card world as they buy in for $20 and hit a $150 card to resell!”

(Top Shelf Breaks)

“The basic setup of a group break is that multiple people split the costs of the boxes (multiple boxes or a case of one type) in the break and then the hits are divided up amongst the people in the break (depending on what sports team that they get)

Group breaks can involve every product from Cup, Heroes and Prospects, Superlative, Dominion, Chrome, Ultimate, Series 1, O-Pee-Chee and more…..

It is a great alternative to buying a full case or box. For example, a tin of The Cup hockey can run you $500.00 whereas our 6 tin Cup case (value $3000) group break is $100 per spot.

Group break’s are a great way to be involved in a large break at minimal costs.”


What are the Different Types of Breaks? (by Layton Sports Cards & Nasty Breaks)

Random Team Style

“When we list a product, we will let you know in the break description, how many spots there are in the break. This is noted as we have found that some teams have very few or no hits in a product. If we do get the product checklist and find that a team has no hits, we will throw that team out. If any hits are then pulled for this team, we will random that hit to all HITLESS teams at the end of the break (Due to scheduling, we will hold randoms of this nature, the following day, if this is the case, we will tell you this during our live feed).

We will also, based on the product checklist, combine teams to give you a better chance at getting a hit in the break.” (Layton Sports Cards)


  • After number of spots are determined and all spots are full for the break, names are entered into a list randomizer
  • The list will be randomized depending on the roll of a die. Once the lists have been randomized, the list is copied on to a spreadsheet.
  • Your name will be on the left column in the order in which you will draft your teams. The draft will be done snake draft style (Example: #1 – #15 then #15 – #1).
  • All hits, jerseys, patches, autographs, rookies, inserts and #d cards that come out for your team will be shipped to you.
  • If the break being done has teams that have been taken out before the random is done, anything that comes out for those teams will be randomized off to teams that go hitless”

(Nasty Breaks)

What cards will be shipped? (by Cardsmiths Breaks)

“We always ship any and all autographs, memorabilia and numbered parallels and rookies from the breaks. For new release multi-box or case breaks we generally ship all cards including base.  For single box breaks and breaks of products that have been out a while, we like to donate the base!  Check the description of the break to be sure!” (CardsmithsBreaks)

What Happens if I do NOT get a "hit?" (by MojoBreak & CardBreakNL)

“That is a very good question and one we get alot. Most of our breaks have base cards so you will get all those shipped to you. If you go hitless in a break of $25 or more we will send you a $5 Site Credit” (MojoBreak)

“That’s a question that we get a lot and unfortunately  sometimes it does happen. But we try make sure that anybody who does not receive a hit is taken care of. Sometimes we give away cards from our personal collection, discounts on upcoming breaks or unopened packs of cards  for another chance at that big hit.” (CardBreakNL)

When will my cards be shipped? (by Jaspy's HobbyLand & Cards Infinity)

“Cards are sorted and will be sleeved, toploaded within 3-5 business days of the break. Please remember there are usually multiple cases of cards being sorted and shipped at any time!” (Jaspy’s HobbyLand)

“99.9% of the time, all of your cards from a group break are shipped out the same day of the break. I take pride in always staying as late as I have to make sure people get their cards shipped out the same day.” (Cards Infinity)

How do Randomizations work? (by FriendlyBoxBreaks & TopNotchBreaks)

“When you purchase a spot in a break you randomly get assigned a team. If you purchase two spots, you get assigned two teams, and so on.To determine what team or teams that will be assigned to you, we put all names/spots into If you own more than one spot, then your name will go into with the corresponding amount of spots that you own. (For example, if you bought 5 spots in the break, your name will go into 5 different times. We randomize the name order 7 times on We then copy and paste the names into a spreadsheet along side of the teams (32 teams for NFL, 30 for MLB, and 30 for NBA) that are listed in Alphabetical order (City/State/Locale first). We do this randomization LIVE on webcam, this is not pre-recorded. Please view the website video tutorial to see how your team is randomized.” (FriendlyBoxBreaks)

“We use for all of our breaks that require a radomization. We always roll the dice to see how may times we use the randomizer for everything it is needed for.” (Top Notch Breaks)

How are Non-Licensed Products Distributed? (by Minera Sports Cards)

“Occasionally we break products that are not licensed by a company that do not have teams or cities listed on the cards. The following rules apply if the card has no professional city or team on it:

  1. If the card is of a player who is currently playing on a professional team, the card will go to that team.
  2. If the card is of a retired player, the card will go the team he had the longest tenure with. If the player happened to be on multiple teams for the same amount of time, he will go to the team that he played the most games with. If the player was on multiple teams, played the same amount of years and played the same amount of games, the card will be randomized between those teams.
  3. If the card is of an athlete/coach/etc. that never played for a professional team, the card will be randomized between hitless teams.” (Minera Sports Cards)

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