Because we have a flawed human race…and people will always try to cheat the system… please note our very simple disclaimer.

#1 – We are NOT responsible for the reviews that other’s write. Yes, we will moderate and make sure there is not offensive material posted and that our guidelines are respected. BUT, we can’t validate every claim that people make. Please know that people will attempt to game the system. This happens on other sites and will likely slip through the cracks here.

#2 – We can only validate information up to a certain point. Technology allows us to run verification on email very easily. We can also run validation against other sites (Facebook/Google/etc…). We can even go so far as to validate phone numbers. Here at BreakerCulture we will validate as much info as possible to ensure that the content is not contaminated with excessive trolling. Please be patient with us as we add the proper measures to keep this place transparent but “true.”

#3 – We do not endorse any brand, breaker, or reviewer. We have no interest in the success of one over the other and do not alter the scores/reviews in ANY way. We have the site set-up so that each breaker has a fair opportunity to portray their business in a fair manner. But, because one breaker has more content than another doesn’t imply we are working more closely with that breaker. It just means that the veteran, more seasoned breakers have introduced the technology that works better with our site.



We will get questions about how points are managed because we use the Bayesian computation model. Essentially this method tried to remove the outliers (highest and lowest) and give you a true MEAN score. So we have it set-up to remove the lowest score and the highest score and AVERAGE out the rest.



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