First off, thank you for taking the time to read the guidelines. As you can expect with a “review” site, there are going to be lots of questions/concerns about what’s fair and appropriate. We don’t want to have to monitor an excessive amount of verbatim comments, so please respond/review through the lens of the good ole’ fashioned GOLDEN RULE.

But, with that being said, here are some general guidelines we are going to use when making judgements on fairness and slander.

  • Crude Language. Being descriptive is okay, but we cannot allow comments on race, hate, threats, offensive sexual commentary, or plain rudeness.
  • Obvious Influence : We want objective and honest opinions. Breaks, please don’t attempt to use giveaways/money/or special privileges in exchange for review contributions. Customers, please be objective and not allow those attempts of influence to impact your reviews.
  • Make it count: Keep your reviews focused on the issue at-hand – the experience with the breaker. This is not the spot for personal rants, political discussions, or issues that aren’t related to the breaker. Keep those within the forum, twitter, or at your dinner table.
  • Keep Private: It’s very important to use that we protect the information of YOU and the breakers. Please don’t publicize any personal information. That means, don’t post payment information, personal names, family information, addresses, videos, etc…
  • Bribery: There are going to bad experiences, every organization (breaker or not) will have to deal with unhappy customers. This is not your forum to demand payment for the experience you had. The breaker may decide to reach out and address the situation, but demanding it will get your review removed.

User Accounts

When signing up for an account you are required to provide some personal information. This information is required prior to utilizing the current and future features on BreakerCulture.com. You (User) are responsible for your account and all associated activities. We reserve the right to close your account any time for any or no reason.

The account you sign-up with at BreakerCulture is for your personal use. It’s not intended for commercial purposes. It’s also not intended for you to impersonate another person/personality, provide fake information, or create multiple accounts.

By creating an account, you agree to receive certain communications in connection with BreakerCulture. For example, you might receive newsletters/surveys, forum notifications, private messages, etc…You can opt-out of mail lists within the email.


You (the “user”) are responsible for your words! Once it’s published it’s live and can float around cyberspace indefinitely. Please remember we can’t always withdraw/remove comments. You (the user) assume all risks associated with your content including (but not limited to) accuracy, personal information, reliability, or historical facts. When you post a review or forum message you represent that you own or have necessary permissions to your content. You may not imply that your information is in any way influenced or sponsored by BreakerCulture.

With any of your content you may expose yourself to liability if, for example, your content contains material that is false, misleading, defamatory, violates copyright or trade secrets; contains content that is unlawful, including illegal hate speech or pornography; or violates or advocates the violation of any law or regulation.

Your reviews are intended to be a representation of an experience you had. Please don’t post reviews based on word of mouth or 3rd party conversations. Your review is meant to be constructive feedback from YOUR experience. If the review is referencing an experience not related to your own – it will likely be removed. 

It’s important to us that we have a site that is honest but respectful. Please honor these rules as we help to create a better breaking environment for all of us!

Can a breaker remove themselves from BreakerCulture.com?

BreakerCulture publishes Breaker information so that customers/consumers can share their “experiences” with that breaker. Because these are public businesses and are a matter of public record, we don’t remove information from the site or voluntarily remove a public breaker.

We do understand that some breakers would prefer not to be published OR want to minimize their public profile. So, we will work with the breaker to maintain a public page that sufficiently represents their business. But the reviews/commentary are important for customers and well within their legal right for public opinion.

In regards to missing breakers on the site. We do our best to stay aware and on-top of all current or emerging breakers. We rely on public information as well as information from you to keep up-to-date with missing breakers. In addition, if a breaker shuts down we will do our best to close the public page in a timely manner.

As a breaker, if you do need to update or change information on your breaker page – please contact us info@breakerculture.com and provide a note with the necessary information.

Is BreakerCulture legally responsible for a public review?

This is something you can always discuss us and/or your legal representative. But you’ll likely be reminded of a few key points.

  • Consumer speech is protected under the law, whether it’s positive or negative.
  • BreakerCulture is NOT responsible for the opinions of the public or your customers. (per our Terms and Conditions)
  • Proceeding with legal action will only shine light on the negative review.
  • Responding to a negative review in a positive manner only enhances your public profile and positively impacts your business!

What does BreakerCulture do to minimize fake reviews?

Like we’ve said on other occasions, there is only so much you can do to control the validity of public opinion. There is a point in which you have to trust that folks don’t game the system – but we understand this isn’t always the case. In a perfect world we’d have complete oversight to the transaction and experience, but we don’t (and never will).

Because we can’t validate a transaction, we have certain measures in place to help protect businesses from false reviews. This isn’t a perfect system, but it provides oversight above and beyond what you’d get from other public forums/social sites.

  • We monitor the activity from IP addresses to make sure there isn’t habitual “trolling” activity taking place.
  • We manually review almost ALL comments to ensure they follow our Terms & Conditions. Within this process we look for signals that potentially demonstrate ill-intent or fake experiences.
  • We ask additional questions to help Breakers validate the date/product for the transaction…and also provide another layer of accountability.
  • We will soon provide functionality for replies/in-line comments from the reviews.
  • We listen to the users/breakers to ensure that IF there is obvious abuse of the system we will take appropriate measures. 

In addition, if there are ANY comments that you believe are false we are happy to work with the breaker to remedy the situation.

Thank you!

BreakerCulture Team



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