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2019-20 Prizm Draft Basketball 8-BOX Opening / Break | Zion, Barrett, Rui, Gold Vinyl – Do We Make Money?| $1,800 to…? Find out ROI 12minutes

We open and summarize our 8-boxes in 12minutes and help you understand how our $1,800 investment is panning out. Here you go:  

2017-18 Panini Contenders Basketball || Top 5 Auto Parallels to Chase | Summary Included

Folks, we have ourselves a surprisingly great product with the Feb 21st release of 2017-18 Panini Contenders Basketball. It's BY FAR my favorite basketball product of the year (to this point) and it carries with it a variety of parallels. All of the ...

2016/17 Upper Deck Hockey Products | Changes For The Better

  To begin, I would like to thank the BreakerCulture team for the opportunity to voice my opinions on the sports card industry, I promise to do my absolute best and give all the insight I can. This is a hobby that I am extremely passionate ...

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