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RETAIL MARKET REPORT | April 2020 | Sports Card Products to BUY or AVOID in Retail (Wal-Mart, Target, Dick’s, & eBay)

I have been back in the hobby for almost a year now. I have seen and learned so much in that time. I wanted to put together a monthly article to help new/old collectors approach the overwhelming retail market. Finding retail products that you can ...

2018 Year In Revew | Top 6 Baseball Products of Year | From Ginter to Gypsy Queen | Products to Consider in 2019

What an unbelievable year. What started in February with the hype around Shohei Ohtani, to finishing the year on a high of Ronald Acuna Jr. and Juan Soto, 2018 was certainly a banner year for baseball cards.  We may very well look back at this ...

The Top 11 Sports-Card Brands to Invest & Collect | Buy these products every year.

A hobby is a good way to spend your money and time on something you enjoy. Some people collect stamps, others like to travel, but those in the sports card hobby love spending endless amounts of their hard-earned money on pictures of athletes on ...

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