Breaker Review Access
Product Review Access
Basic: Product Pricing Access
Community Accessibility



Basic Features +
Real-Time Price Alerts (for any product)
Price History
Product ROI / Breaker Checklists (Starting in Jan-2018)
Additional Community Features
Insights / Articles upon release

$4 month


All PRO features +
Ability to modify Breaker Page 2x a month
Ability to release coupons/specials
Respond to comments AS BREAKER
Access to Breaker-Only Member Group
Early Access to Checklist & ROI Data

$18 month

How we’ve grown…

We’ve worked hard the last 18 months to deliver a site that is helpful for the community. We continue to focus on the pieces of our site that help the most folks, those include:

  • Simple but powerful Breaker Review system.
  • Insights around the breakers/hobby
  • Checklists, if (and only if) we can provide additional insight
  • Product pricing information
  • Top Rankings (Breakers)

Our latest revision to the site is another example of our commitment to this hobby and your investment(s). While we’d prefer not to charge for some of these features, a lot of time and resources are poured into the upkeep and development of BreakerCulture. Your small monthly fee will help us maintain and continue to improve all of the core features of our site. 

Our commitment to you is that we will work hard to make sure you are receiving more than enough value to cover your monthly fee. If we don’t, please let us know and we’ll work hard to improve your experience. 

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