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RETAIL MARKET REPORT | April 2020 | Sports Card Products to BUY or AVOID in Retail (Wal-Mart, Target, Dick’s, & eBay)

I have been back in the hobby for almost a year now. I have seen and learned so much in that time. I wanted to put together a monthly article to help new/old collectors approach the overwhelming retail market. Finding retail products that you can ...

EP86 | Understanding the recent RISE in FOOTBALL cards + April Retail breakdown w/Tyson Banker

In Today's episode we chat with resident expert TYSON BANKER to break down the recent rise in the Football Card market.  There is lots to unpack around price appreciation and understanding why there is new ...

EP76 | The Evolution of Card Grading w/Jeromy @Beckett Grading Services | Trimming, Investigating, Technology, & more… | NFL Rookie Report with Tyson Banker!

Today you get 90minutes of goodness! The first hour I chat with Jeromy Murray from Beckett Grading Services. We discuss the hot topics floating around the Industry Summit, Evolution of Grading in 2020, Single-Grades, ...

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